Investment in the green economy and its progress is the only option for economic growth, since carbon dependence and the intensive use of resources is not a viable development path.

The quest for sustainability is also making the business landscape more competitive, forcing change into companies about products, technologies, processes, and business models. Progresses are possible, particularly in times of economic crisis, with innovation.

SustainValues offers a variety of research-based products and services that will enable and accelerate your innovation strategy to attract financing, by:

  • Building an innovation strategy
  • Disseminating a culture of innovation by creating platforms for open-innovation, co-creation, technological implementation, automatisation intelligence to support and launch startups
  • Improving innovation by evaluating the business plan related to new opportunities of clean and social businesses, green jobs development and cleaner production processes
  • Multi-stakeholders approach to improve companies and community consciousness to reveal and structure new businesses, which consolidate innovative opportunities for wellness