The role that financial institutions can play in acting as potential investors in these companies with a green credit merit is essential to influence the market through economic actors.
The objective of green finance is to mobilize as much green capital as possible by sharing environmental and social objectives with the public. The performance of increasing green investments, through the mobilization of private capital, not only increases the competitiveness of the company, but also multiplies green public investments by creating win-win solutions as they seek economic growth with reduced environmental impact and increased social equity.

Green Credit Merit:

Through the financial evaluation of parameters which represent the sustainability of the company together with the ethical understanding on how to implement these indicators, Social and Environmental Credit Rating (SECR) is an ethical credit rating, which evaluate the non-financial parameters together the financial rating of a company. This system will help companies and the investment community to evaluate how sustainability practices, and more inclusive stakeholder- oriented governance systems, could positively affect corporate performances

Alternative Finance

SustainValues helps companies and StartUps to reach alternative financing fundings such as Crowdfunding, Business Angels, Venture Capitalists;

and a variety of hybrid instruments as the Royalty Debt, where the traditional debt is combined with payments based on a percentage of the income, Demand Dividend, with a participation to the capital rewarded by dividend.

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