Closing the gap between current investment flows and what is needed to achieve sustainable growth is fully achievable. By defining the benefits of investing in a green company, it is discovered that the incremental costs of green growth are negligible compared to the costs of inaction. However, there are important barriers that must be overcome, from institutional inertia to the disadvantages of being first and resistance to change. This requires political and business vision and leadership to transform, for example, products and processes based on traditional fossil fuels to low carbon solutions. Solutions that are more competitive because they reduce business risk by preventing environmental and social risk with long-term management of physical and human resources. These solutions involve a better management which is manifested, for example, in reducing the risk of having fines for contamination or spills, of losing talented employees or experiencing setbacks due to contrary public opinion, gives the company a better competitiveness in terms of either budget economic or financial management of cash flow.