SustainValues is a Think Tank established in 2012 to nurture and spread innovative ideas for positive change.

SustainValues wants to help the business community, civil society and government on matters of corporate sustainability, sustainable finance and innovation by transforming innovative ideas into real market opportunities.

SustainValues works with you to develop solutions that reduce environmental and social impacts and costs, strengthen business resilience and responsibility, and improve economic and financial performances.

SustainValues innovative solutions are unique because of the holistic approach of sustainability: strategising stakeholders involvement and engagement for outstanding social and environmental performances;

supported by the latest technologies: financial digitalisation, cleanweb, green credit merit and automatisation;

tested by scientific research: academic network and expertise to provide advanced analysis recommendation and methodologies.  

Unisciti a noi per l'analisi della tassonomia europea martedì 7/4 h15 #sdgs #sustainability #sustainablefinance #sustainableinvestment

Apply now to join the European Lab Project Task Force @EFRAG on reporting of #nonfinancialrisks and opportunities and linkage to the business model

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