Measuring Sustainability 

• To assess and compare the benefits of different projects or programs;

• To maximize the environmental benefits per dollar spent;

• To improve innovation evaluating new opportunities of clean business, green jobs and cleaner processes;

• To create more value through synergies and efficiency within departments, processes and people better interaction.

Disclosing Sustainability 

• Devise a Sustainability Framework, to implement the Charter by covering the five sustainability themes. Within the framework these themes are underpinned by a series of sustainability goals and objectives which provide clear result areas and targets under each theme.

• The Sustainability Framework will ensure compliance with the clients’ Environmental Management System and Sustainability Management Plan, and will address the National, Regional Strategy for Sustainable Development in which the project is contextualised.

• The Sustainability Charter and Framework are set out with a Sustainability Plan which also describes the process and actions to be taken to integrate sustainability considerations into the project.

Accountability of Sustainability 

Engagement of the stakeholders through facilitating sustainability workshops with the community and with clients and for clients to effectively implement the sustainability strategic vision of the business and achieve its objectives.

Reporting Sustainability 

•Set up the Sustainability Performance Assessment Framework, which involved identifying and documenting the sustainability goals and objectives incorporated within the Sustainability Framework.

• Review and report a balanced and reasonable representation of sustainability performance of an organisation. This to complete the all process of measuring, disclosing, and being accountable for the organisational performance to internal and external stakeholders towards the corporate goal of achieving a balanced economic,environmental and social impact.


The Sustainability Charter sets out the high level vision and objectives for corporate development at short, medium and long term. 

The Sustainability Framework operationalise the company Sustainability Charter by structuring clear goals and objectives for the five sustainability themes. Each theme is implemented by a specific department to achieve clear result areas and targets identified by the very same framework. 


The Sustainability Charter and Framework are included in the Sustainability Plan which also describes the process of integrating sustainability considerations into the project characteristics. Details actions, initiatives and recommendations to be implemented to achieve goals and objectives.

Consultation with the community with a multi-stakeholder approach to involve the all relevant groups, from shareholders, to staff,clients, suppliers and the all values chain. This process will help in highlighting sustainability issues of interest to key users groups as an important part of the sustainability assessment process.

Stakeholders Assessment and Strategy is then included in this plan.
To enable the Sustainability Performances of the project to be assessed and reported on, a Sustainability Assessment approach is developed



The Sustainability Performance Assessment Framework, which involves identifying anddocumenting the sustainability goals and objectives incorporated within the Sustainability Framework, is based on measurable parameters and indicators identified specifically for the project, linked to the sector, industry and country where the project is based.


The Sustainability Report will describe how the project delivers on the objectives, goals and themes set out in the Sustainability Framework. The Sustainability Report can also certify the achieved result performances through the indicators measured by the Sustainability Assessment Framework.
Mitigation measures can then be effectively identified during the reporting period to be considered during the next stages of project if reviewing actions are needed.