Corporate Strategies:

Corporate governance is the set of processes, policies, laws, and institutions affecting the way a business organisation is directed, administered or controlled. The importance of Governance lays in the fact that to establish a win-win-win relationship within the social, environmental and economic
dimensions of sustainability, the process of change and implementation must be supported by the governance of the board.

The strategic vision and mission of the overall project will be devised a governance plan and then broke up in the four areas (Marketing & Clients, Production, Finance and Human Resources) correlated with the themes and principles of sustainability, including the CSR strategies.

Corporate governance also includes the relationship among the many stakeholders involved and the goals for which the corporation is governed. The principal stakeholders are the shareholders, the management, and the board of directors. Other stakeholders include employees, customers, creditors, suppliers, regulators, and the community at large.
To secure the good governance of the project, a stakeholders strategy will be developed, to help the Board of Directors to identify, select and plan actions, develop partnerships and purse opportunities; as well as to investigate possible instruments of development and follow up strategies to support the long term developmental of the project.